Sam Radakovitz

Application developer, spreadsheet designer, semi-pro gamer, avid latte drinker, and generally cool guy.

  • I'm cool with teamwork.
  • I'm cool with going solo.
  • And, I'm pretty cool myself.


Microsoft Excel Team { Program Manager } . 2004 - now

Spreadsheeting was uncool for quite some time, but then i joined and they became really cool.

  • Successfully improved Excel's cool factor.
  • Created some pretty cool features.
  • Hired cool, but not as cool as me people.
  • Took cool games and combined them with Excel.


Microsoft Access Team { Software Tester } . 1998 - 2004

Before i joined there lots of uncool bugs, but then the coolness set in on the Access team and they all went away.

  • Made cool databases.
  • Automated cool features.
  • Verified some pretty cool security enhancements.


Silver Coin Arcade { Attendant } . 1995 - 1998

Arcades are pretty cool, so i fit in perfectly here.

  • I was cool with sweeping the floor.
  • I was cool with cleaning the game cabinets.
  • I was cool with making change for other cool people in the arcade.


Summary 1995 - NOW

  • Crushing it



Renton Tech { Computer Science }


  • Keeping it real.
  • Saving Kittens.
  • Fighting Crime Ninja Style.


Even More Coolness

Video Game Master

  • Won a competition at GameWorks and got cool stuff like season tickets to the Seahawks.
  • I have a bajillion Xbox achievement points.


Movie & TV Fan

  • I've watched another bajillion Netflix shows.
  • Comedy? Drama? Scary? I enjoy all the  cool genres!


Technology Enthusiast

  • I build cool things like this website & my apps for fun!
  • I'm always learning the latest cool way to do something.


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